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Looking for an institute? Where teachers : • Are experienced and have well command in teaching students. • Can bring you to the level that makes you capable to compete others. • Teach you from the roots and fundamentals of topics that you are unable to understand at all. • Charge you very rational fee. • Can make you capable of doing self-study by improving your Skills. Your problem is solved. The Karachi Pupils Collegiate is the pioneer institute that helps you become a leading student: Neocities.

The Karachi Pupils Collegiate provides a solid foundation to the students to prepare to meet the future challenges. Our mission at Karachi Pupils Collegiate is to provide quality based education to the students, to make them able to utilize their maximum potential so that they can accept challenges and offer optimum performance in a competitive, vibrant and dynamic environment. Classes are for: • Boys and Girls. • Grade 8 to grade 10. • Both Cambridge system and Metric system. • All Subjects. Attention will be given to each student individually Separate extra class for the weak students Monthly and weekly tests Flexible timings Reasonable Fee Result Guaranteed

Currently there is no Admission fee. Monthly fee = 5000/- Only

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Email: karachipupilscollegiate@gmail.com tutorials!